Teppaz Oscar Stereo

Hello All

I am very glad i found this site, I have recently been given a Teppaz Oscar Stereo. I believe it is a 1961 ? Unfortunately it has blown a capacitor but i am sure i can repair this. Can someone please send some pictures of what the phono cartridge

looks like.

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here is the schematic of teppaz oscar stereo in our database

these components must be cheked and replace defore using this phono

Hello, the cardridge seems to be Eco stéréo 60 type. Based on this reseller, this cardridge is very difficult to find in good state : https://electro-vintage.fr/catalog/saphir-type-eco-stereo-dorigine-pour-teppaz/
There is one to buy here : popsike.com - Cellule Teppaz eco 60 en bon etat - auction details
Good luck !

le 2eme lien n’est pas une cellule stereo
mais un mono 33/45 & 78 tours se montant sur le modele oscar teppaz mono
quand c’est introuvable il ne reste plus qu’a adapter ça

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It is very hard to find an original cartridge, as Radiolo suggested your best bet is to find a ceramic cartridges and adapt it to the arm. They can be found on ebay from chinese sellers for as low as 2€ shipping included Gramophone – stylo à cartouche magnétique avec aiguille en vinyle LP, accessoires pour phonographe, platine, 1 pièce | AliExpress
The original cartridges are often dead or have very low output

Morning All,
Thank you so much for all the responses, it really is nice to be part of a forum that can actually help. I will most certainly change the cartridge. I have another question, when i disassembled the unit I found this piece of metal stuck with sellotape. I am not sure what it is used for. The piece is completely loose. Have no idea where it fits in. I thought maybe it is used to change the voltage switch on front?

Warm Regards from Cape Town South Africa


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I don’t see this white piece on this picture

but one metal piece seems not in place ?
it is usefull and necessary the good function of the stop mecanism

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Hi Radiolo,

Thanks for the pic, i will have to make a plan and get that piece of clip so it operates correctly

I cant seem to find the place to add my location

Hi All,

How can i find out if the one I have is a Teppaz, Strero or Teppaz stereo lux?


Herewith the pictures of the speakers.

Are you able to send me dimensions of that return metal stopper i am missing. I am sure I can have one made to fit

i don’t have this teppaz at home
but you can copy de dimensions on the picture and there is a oval hole to fit te piece in the good position

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Thanks Radiolo

Do you think the one I have is a teppaz stereo or stereo lux?
Turntable view looks slightly different to the picture you posted.
Hopefully when I am done it will look as nice

I have also updated my profile

Thanks for your assistance

try to mail here

I will take more pictures and send so you can see and advise. Have a great weekend

Hi All,

So my project is coming on slowly, I am currently just inspecting and gathering information. Thanks so far for the help. Please see attached more pictures of my « new / Old » system. I would also like to tell you the story behind my Teppaz Oscar Stereo. The unit originally belonged to a Mr Gerhard Francois Roux, he was a school teacher that was betrothed to a lady. They were very much in love but could not marry as she was of color and he was white. unfortunately they could not marry as this was during the apartheid era in South Africa. They had a daughter (whom i got the player from) and she told me that they would go visit her dad « Gerhard » only on weekends, in secret as it was against the law to marry across the race boundary. … rather sad story. I am however very excited to have it restored to it’s listening glory.


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