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Marque inconnu: ERHA ?


Sorry, i only speak english or german.

I have a Readio from « ERHA », Model 648 AM, made in Bischwiller, Bas/Rhin. Did someone here know something about this set ?

Thanx and greetings, Michael, Wadersloh / Allemagne

Ne serait-ce pas ERWA ?



Hi Meikel,

Could you show a close-up of the front window and possibly some manufacturing details at the back-side to identify this radio. Maybe it will tell something to other people on this forum.



Jean - Michel: not « ERWA », « ERHA » is right.

There are no further manufacture - infos, here 2 Pics:

the 2.nd and the 4th. tube is not original, they work like original, but without any cable-modification.

greetings, Michael